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  Mace is a e-mail client originally written by Boyd Roberts (formerly, which is based on the philosophy of having a tool for
  just one task. It consists of rem(ove), m(ail)ed(itor), ma(il)m(anager),
  pop(3handler), reo(rder), mov(e), del(ete), cop(y), l(i)nk, m(a)rk, -
  (read email), + (send email), rep(ly), f(or)w(ar)d, m(ail)c(o)p(y),
  m(ail)ad(d), com(pose), m(ail)l(i)n(k), m(e)s(sa)g(e), despool and
  bundle (for creating the distribution archive).
  The source code was taken from his contrib dir on the Plan 9 sources
  server and modified to not spit out any warnings when being compiled
  on Linux. Additionally some minor patches to the mail handling were
  done, so it fits to a modern environment.

  % mkdir mace; cd mace;
  % wget;
  % sh mace.bundle;
  % ./setup;
  # 1.) change your .config file
  # 2.) change your .proto file to fit your needs (extra headers and stuff)
  # 3.) create your "in" and "out" box (box(1))
  # 4.) setup mail receiving by pop(1) and the import to your box through mam(1)
  # 5.) setup mail by setting the "deliver" directive in your .config file
  #     (ssmtp woks nice here)
  # 6.) get used to the mace controls
  # Have fun!