Some Gentoo helper tools
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commit 9e27e1c7c9997bccb0a71cd0a68f57a68f306053
parent c4f2237b5d1b0146f5a5c5488c32d2a7ff3423cf
Author: Spenser Truex <>
Date:   Sun,  5 Apr 2020 13:24:17 -0700

Add basic manpage and installation

Describes each tool briefly and where options are sent to. The makefile has been
updated to install the manpage.

This is my first ever manpage, and it isn't perfect. For example, the
options are not coloured quite how I'd expect (but they are bracketed).

Signed-off-by: Christoph Lohmann <>

Makefile | 8++++----
gt.1 | 53+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 57 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ install: all cp $$i ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin; \ chmod 755 ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/$$i; \ done; true -# @echo installing manual page to ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1 -# @mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1 -# @sed "s/VERSION/${VERSION}/g" < st.1 > ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1/st.1 -# @chmod 644 ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1/st.1 + @echo installing manual page to ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1 + @mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1 + @sed "s/VERSION/${VERSION}/g" < gt.1 > ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1/gt.1 + @chmod 644 ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man0/gt.1 uninstall: @echo removing scripts from ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin diff --git a/gt.1 b/gt.1 @@ -0,0 +1,53 @@ +.Dd April 02, 2020 +.Dt GENTOO-TOOLS VERSION +.Sh NAME +.Nm gentoo-tools +.Nd commands that don't suck + +.Sh OVERVIEW +.Nm ebuildstatus +.Op genlop-options +.Nd Call genlop. With no options, show current merge. + +.Nm edepclean +.Op emerge-options +.Nd Cleanup unused packages. + +.Nm efetchlog +.Nd Watch portage's download status. + +.Nm ehardened +.Nd Install a hardened profile. + +.Nm elog +.Nd Watch portage's build log. + +.Nm enewuse +.Op emerge-options +.Nd Update, checking for new USE flags. + +.Nm epreserved +.Op emerge-options +.Nd Do an @preserved-rebuild, as is sometimes requested after a merge attempt. + +.Nm esynclog +.Nd What the download status of an portage sync. + +.Nm eupdate +.Op emerge-options +.Nd Update @worlrd with all the many flags Gentoo suggests. + +.Nm euseflags +.Nd See USEs of a package. + +.Nm eworld +.Op emerge-options +.Nd Do things to the @world set. + +.Sh DESCRIPTION +.Nm gentoo-tools +A set of wrappers for gentoo's verbose programs, especially portage. +.Sh AUTHORS +See the LICENSE file for the authors. +.Sh LICENSE +See the LICENSE file for the terms of redistribution.