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Date:   Sun, 28 Aug 2022 20:46:45 +0200

New style manpage.

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diff --git a/gt.1 b/gt.1 @@ -1,56 +1,36 @@ -.Dd April 02, 2020 -.Dt GENTOO-TOOLS VERSION +.Dd August 24, 2022 +.Dt GENTOO-TOOLS 0.3 Gentoo\ Tools +.Os Gentoo .Sh NAME .Nm gentoo-tools -.Nd commands that don't suck +.Nd A set of wrappers for gentoo's verbose programs, especially portage. .Sh OVERVIEW -.Nm ebuildstatus -.Op genlop-options -.Nd Call genlop. With no options, show current merge. +.Bl -column -offset indent ".Sy Command" ".Sy Description" +.It Sy Command Ta Sy Description +.It Em elog Ta +portage log +.It Em ebuildstatus Ta +portage log with genlop +.It Em efetchlog Ta +portage download status +.It Em esynclog Ta +portage \-\-sync download status +.It Em ehardened Ta +Harden the profile +.It Em eworld Ta +Do things to the @world set +.It Em eupdate Ta +Update @world with good flags +.It Em enewuse Ta +Update, checking for new USE flags +.It Em edepclean Ta +Cleanup unused packages after update +.It Em epreserved Ta +Do an @preserved-rebuild after a merge +.It Em euseflags Ta +See USEs of a package +.El -.Nm edepclean -.Op emerge-options -.Nd Cleanup unused packages. - -.Nm efetchlog -.Nd Watch portage's download status. - -.Nm ehardened -.Nd Install a hardened profile. - -.Nm elog -.Nd Watch portage's build log. - -.Nm enewuse -.Op emerge-options -.Nd Update, checking for new USE flags. - -.Nm epreserved -.Op emerge-options -.Nd Do an @preserved-rebuild, as is sometimes requested after a merge attempt. - -.Nm esynclog -.Nd What the download status of an portage sync. - -.Nm eupdate -.Op emerge-options -.Nd Update @worlrd with all the many flags Gentoo suggests. - -.Nm euseflags -.Nd See USEs of a package. - -.Nm eworld -.Op emerge-options -.Nd Do things to the @world set. - -.Nm eupgradeqt -.Nd Upgrade all dev-qt packages by removing and reinstalling them. - -.Sh DESCRIPTION -.Nm gentoo-tools -A set of wrappers for gentoo's verbose programs, especially portage. -.Sh AUTHORS -See the LICENSE file for the authors. .Sh LICENSE -See the LICENSE file for the terms of redistribution. +GNU GPLv3