Namespace utilities to reuse Open Source packaging efforts.
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2014-07-08 11:40ns-prepare: fix rc.conf write, minor whitespace fixHiltjo Posthuma3+10-9
2014-07-08 11:37README: add more setup informationHiltjo Posthuma1+18-4
2014-05-17 11:33Fixing the id -u check in ns-unprepare.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2014-05-11 14:56Fixing the argument handling with symlink support.Christoph Lohmann1+3-5
2014-05-11 13:40Ns-chroot symlinks and root checks.Christoph Lohmann3+34-6
2014-05-01 16:13Initial commit of ns-tools.Christoph Lohmann20+689-0