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Synchronizing the FAQ of the website and the repository.

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diff --git a/FAQ b/FAQ @@ -3,6 +3,38 @@ Why does st not handle utmp entries? Use the excellent tool of utmp[0] for this task. -[0] +[0] +-- +Some _random program_ complains that st is unknown/not +recognised/unsupported/whatever! + +It means that st doesn’t have any terminfo entry on your system. Chances are +you did not make install. If you just want to test it without installing it, +you can manualy run tic -s in st dir. It will compile into a +fully working local terminfo description. You can delete it when you’re done. +-- +Nothing works, and nothing is said about an unknown terminal! + +* Some programs just assume they’re running in xterm i.e. they don’t rely on + terminfo. What you see is the current state of the “xterm compliance”. +* Some programs don’t complain about the lacking st description and default to + another terminal. In that case see the question about terminfo. +-- +I get some weird glitches/visual bug on _random program_! + +Try lauching it with a different TERM: $ TERM=xterm myapp. toe(1) will give +you a list of available terminals, but you’ll most likely switch between +xterm, st or st-256color. The default value for TERM can be changed in +config.h (TNAME). +-- +How do I scroll back up? + +Invoke st with a screen multiplexer like GNU screen[0] or tmux[1]. +st -e screen works better for text reflowing. To enter screen’s scroll +back mode aka “copy mode”, it’s C-a ESC. You probably want defscrollback +10000 in your ~/.screenrc too. + +[0] +[1] --