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commit de3ea443e6500674d807a54b9be6a160388d2023
parent fd239e29fd3c7159a2a64a1d158f018dcbcc4d94
Author: Jesus Galan Lopez (yiyus) <yiyu.jgl@gmail.com>
Date:   Sun, 20 Jun 2010 23:39:08 +0200

fix puctuation of man page, read ini from stdin

doc/9vx.1 | 43++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
src/9vx/main.c | 4+++-
2 files changed, 23 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/9vx.1 b/doc/9vx.1 @@ -30,17 +30,16 @@ .I -u user ] .SH DESCRIPTION -Plan 9 VX ( +Plan 9 VX (or .I 9vx for short) is a port of the Plan 9 operating system to run on top of commodity operating systems, allowing the use of both Plan 9 and the host system simultaneously. To run user programs, .I 9vx creates an appropriate address space in a window within its own address space and invokes vx32 to simulate user mode execution. Some hardware devices are replaced by virtual versions, depending on the options given to -.I 9vx -. +.I 9vx. .I 9vx-tap is a shell script that sets up a tap device with tunctl(1), launches -.I 9vx -, and removes the tap device when finished. +.I 9vx, +and removes the tap device when finished. .PP Options can be passed to .I 9vx @@ -51,6 +50,7 @@ option (see below). If no argument is present, the current directory or .I /usr/local/9vx is used. +Alternatively, a file system can be specified in the 9vx.ini file. If an .I user is not specified, the current user in the host operating system will be used. @@ -72,14 +72,14 @@ Run rc instead of init .BI -t Use tty for input/output .TP -.BI -n " [tap]" " [device]" +.BI -n " [ tap ] [ device ]" Create virtual ethernet devices. The .I tap option tells that .I device is a tap device. Else, the virtual device will use pcap(3) to intercept packets going to -.I device -, and will therefore need root privileges. If a host +.I device, +and will therefore need root privileges. If a host .I device is not specified, pcap will use the first one available, and tap will use the .I tap0 @@ -94,25 +94,22 @@ Configuration parameters can also be given to .I 9vx in the configuration file specified with the .I -p -command line option. The file +command line option. +The file name +.L - +means the standard input. +The file .I 9vx.ini has to contain a list of .I parameter=value pairs in a similar fasion to plan9.ini(8). Available options are -.I bootboot -, -.I nofork -, -.I nogui -, -.I initrc -, -.I usetty -, -.I net -, -.I macaddr -, +.I bootboot, +.I nofork, +.I nogui, +.I initrc, +.I usetty, +.I net, +.I macaddr, .I localroot and .I user. diff --git a/src/9vx/main.c b/src/9vx/main.c @@ -296,7 +296,9 @@ readini(char *fn) int blankline, incomment, inspace, n, fd; char *cp, *p, *q; - if((fd = open(fn, OREAD)) < 0) + if(strcmp(fn, "-") == 0) + fd = stdin; + else if((fd = open(fn, OREAD)) < 0) return -1; cp = inibuf;