NetLink DEVice manager; a lightweight netlink frontend for mdev.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ In you init scripts you will need to trigger: % run_nldev & % nltrigger all +By default *run_nldev* will log to the *daemon* facility and the +notice level. This can be adjusted by editing *run_nldev* direct- +ly. + ### CAUTION Because of the asynchronous initialisation of every device that @@ -49,3 +53,20 @@ all the automatism in one place instead of many. Scripts that call the udev tools directly will need to be patched, like laptop-mode-utils. +## advanced nldev + +As shown in the manpages does nldev allow some more flexibility, +but was mainly written to be a missing piece in replacing udevd. + +For example many instances of nldev could be run, call scripts +with simpler logic than mdev and doing less. + +## nlmon + +On you will find the little brother +of nldev, which can be run without root rights as user and used +to run scripts on certain events. + + +Have fun! +