A simple command and password prompter for X11.
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ clean: dist: clean @echo creating dist tarball @mkdir -p ${NAME}-${VERSION} - @cp -R LICENSE LICENSE.orig Makefile \ + @cp -R LICENSE LICENSE.orig ${NAME}.1 Makefile \ ${SRC} *.h ${NAME}-${VERSION} @tar -cf ${NAME}-${VERSION}.tar ${NAME}-${VERSION} @gzip ${NAME}-${VERSION}.tar diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,53 +0,0 @@ -# Thinglaunch - a simple entry box for X11 - -The first intention, as done by the original creator Matt Johnston -<>, was to launch simple commandlines. - -In 2011 the single file project was extended by features like Unicode -support, a prompt and an ssh-askpass compatibility layer. - -## Installation - - % tar -xzvf thinglaunch-*.tar.gz - % cd thinglaunch - % make - % sudo PREFIX=/usr make install - -This will create the executable »thinglaunch« and »thingaskpass« in -»/usr/bin«. Thinglaunch will ask for a command and execute it and -thingaskpass can be used as a SSH_ASKPASS parameter value, which will -be used by ssh-agent to gather the password for private keys. - -## Usage - - # Get some input string and print it to stdout. There will - # be the prompt prepended "to stdout> ". - % thinglaunch -o -p "to stdout> " - - # Ask for a command, which will be executed. During entering - # the command, the entered string will be replaced by asterisks. - % thinglaunch -s -p "secret cmd> " - - # This symlink predefines -s, -o and -p "secret> ". - % ln -s thinglaunch thingaskpass - % ./thingaskpass - - # This symlink predefined -s, -o and takes the prompt as first - # argument. - % ln -s thinglaunch thingsudoaskpass - % ./thingsudoaskpass - -## SSH_ASKPASS - -If you set SSH_ASKPASS to the PATH to thingaskpass (usually /usr/bin/ -thingaskpass), then ssh-agent will use this command for asking for pass- -words. - -## SUDO_ASKPASS - -This is the same as SSH_ASKPASS, but here you need to set SUDO_ASKPASS -to the PATH to thingsudoaskpass (usually /usr/bin/thingsudoaskpass). - - -Have fun! - diff --git a/thinglaunch.1 b/thinglaunch.1 @@ -0,0 +1,129 @@ +.Dd July 02, 2011 +.Dt THINGLAUNCH 1 +.Os +. +.Sh NAME +.Nm thinglaunch +.Nd a simple prompt for X11 +. +.Sh SYNOPSIS +.Nm +.Bk -words +.Op Fl o +.Op Fl s +.Op Fl p Ar prompt +.Ek +. +.Sh DESCRIPTION +.Bd -filled +.Nm +is a simple password prompt for X11, which will input a string and then do +various things with it. It is used as password prompt, execution prompt and +can be easily extended. +.Ed +. +.Sh IMPLEMENTATION +.Bd -filled +Installation is as straighforward as grabbing the tar.gz file, extracting +it and running +.Qq "make; make install;" +inside the +.Qq "thinglaunch-*" +directory. +The prefix for the installation can easily set using +.Qq "PREFIX=/usr make install". +.Ed +. +.Sh OPTIONS +.Nm +options and default settings. +.Pp +.Bl -tag -width ".Fl test Ao Ar string Ac" +. +.It Fl o +Print prompted string to stdout. +. +.It Fl s +The input string will be shown as +.Qq "*" +instead of cleartext. +. +.Fl Fl p Ar prompt +Specify the prompt, which should be shown before the text entry. +. +.El +. +.Sh CUSTOMIZATION +.Bd -filled +.Nm +is customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the +source code. +.Ed +. +.Sh SYMLINKS +.Bd -filled +The behaviour of +.Nm +can be controlled using various symlinks to the main executable or by renaming +the executable. +.Ed +.Bd -filled +When +.Nm is run as +.Qq "thingaskpass", +then -s and -o are implied and a prompt of +.Qq "secret> " +is set. This is useful when used with +.Qq "ssh-agent", +which respects the +.Ev SSH_ASKPASS +environment variable. +.Ed +.Bd -filled +Calling +.Nm +as +.Qq "thingsudoaskpass" +implies -s, -o and a prompt according to the first commandline parameter or +.Qq "secret sudo> ". +This mode is useful in conjunction with +.Qq "sudo", +which respects the +.Ev SUDO_ASKPASS +environment variable. +.Ed +. +.Sh EXAMPLES +.Bd -filled +Get some input string and print it to stdout. The prompt will be changed to +.Qq "to stdout> ". +.Ed +.Bd -literal + % thinglaunch -s -p "to stdout> " + +.Ed +.Bd -filled +Ask for a command, which will be executed. The entered string will be secured +using +.Qq "*". +.Ed +.Bd -literal + % thinglaunch -s -p "secret cmd> " + +.Ed +. +.Sh FILES +LICENSE, config.def.h, config.h +. +.Sh AUTHORS +See LICENSE file for authors in the distribution. +. +.Sh LICENSE +.Nm +is released under the MIT/X Consortium License. +. +.Sh BUGS +.Ss "Reporting Bugs" +Report bugs to: +.An "Christoph Lohmann" Aq +