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Author: Christoph Lohmann <>
Date:   Fri, 26 Jan 2018 14:20:28 +0100

Add new CGI environment to manpage.

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diff --git a/geomyidae.8 b/geomyidae.8 @@ -327,6 +327,23 @@ where All terms are tab-separated (per gopher protocol) which can cause some surprises depending on how a script is written. See the CGI file (included in the geomyidae source archive) for further elaboration. +.Pp +Additionally to the above arguments several environment variables are set. +.Pp +.Dl GATEWAY_INTERFACE = `CGI/1.1' +.Dl PATH_INFO = script which is executed +.Dl PATH_TRANSLATED = absolute path with script which is executed +.Dl QUERY_STRING = arguments (See above.) +.Dl REMOTE_ADDR = IP of the client +.Dl REMOTE_HOST = REMOTE_ADDR +.Dl REQUEST_METHOD = GET +.Dl SCRIPT_NAME = script which is executed +.Dl SERVER_NAME = server's hostname +.Dl SERVER_PORT = server's port +.Dl SERVER_PROTOCOL = `gopher/1.0' +.Dl SERVER_SOFTWARE = `geomyidae' +.Dl X_GOPHER_SEARCH = search (See above.) +.Pp . .Ss Some CGI Examples Note: these are a very simple examples with no fitness checks with respect