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2024-02-28 14:41Fix the devil.Christoph Lohmann1+5-5
2024-02-28 14:32Add autohell support.Christoph Lohmann1+20-0
2024-02-10 11:43Spit out error in case of improperly URI escaping with hURL:Christoph Lohmann1+44-18
2023-08-26 14:42Bump up version and LICENSE.Christoph Lohmann2+3-3
2023-08-23 18:01Add rpath for OpenBSD.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-08-23 12:49We do not need the realpath. Only serve in basepath.Christoph Lohmann1+20-29
2023-08-23 11:04Give virtual path instead of real path.Christoph Lohmann1+4-3
2023-08-21 09:37Fix double printing notfounderr and fix notfound on not allowed dir trav.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2023-08-21 08:51TLS + disabling the execution of CGI didn't work under OpenBSD.Julian Schweinsberg1+4-3
2023-08-21 08:50Reverse reverse lookup flag definition. Disable by default.Christoph Lohmann2+3-3
2023-08-12 19:37Move shutdown out of linger and make it variable on tlssocks.Christoph Lohmann2+3-1
2023-08-12 18:39Do shuflen TLS_WANT only for tls_write.Christoph Lohmann1+4-4
2023-08-12 18:23SIGKILL cannot be handledHiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2023-08-12 18:24Add TLS_WANT to tls_handshake. Thanks bob.Christoph Lohmann1+6-1
2023-08-12 17:21Add TLS_WANT on tls_close too.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-08-12 17:20Do TLS_WANT on tls_close too.Christoph Lohmann1+5-1
2023-08-12 17:19Add TLS_WANT to tls_read too.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2023-08-12 17:17Change wifi to wlen.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-08-12 17:16Change wlan to wifi.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-08-12 17:15Add TLS_POLL support return codes.Christoph Lohmann2+6-1
2023-08-10 09:51Add big comment why we need strlcat everywhere.Christoph Lohmann1+11-0
2023-08-03 11:14Give traversal and sel in cgi and dcgi call.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2023-07-23 12:23Add lingerie to all socks.Christoph Lohmann3+32-31
2023-07-22 18:16improve includes and fix a false-positive warning for clangHiltjo Posthuma2+3-1
2023-07-22 18:02Remove debugging from great refactoring.Christoph Lohmann2+1-30
2023-07-22 17:15handlr.c: use basename() to get the base filenameHiltjo Posthuma1+8-4
2023-07-22 17:09Fix PATH_INFO to be full relative path. Thanks bob.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-07-22 16:41geomyidae.8: fix small typosHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2023-07-22 16:07Update CGI to the current state and restyle it.Christoph Lohmann1+59-27
2023-07-22 15:56Add http compatibility mode to the manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+12-0
2023-07-22 15:51Add REST handling example to manpage.Christoph Lohmann2+35-12
2023-07-22 15:27Make compatibility serving a full feature.Christoph Lohmann1+9-4
2023-07-22 15:17Handle EINTR while dup2() in handlecgi().Christoph Lohmann1+3-3
2023-07-22 15:16Fix http-compatibility stub.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2023-07-22 15:14First stub for new http-compatibility feature.Christoph Lohmann1+19-0
2023-07-22 15:14Move .. handling to a more efficient position.Christoph Lohmann1+6-6
2023-07-22 13:57Clarify gopher+ compatibility handling.Christoph Lohmann1+4-1
2023-07-22 13:32Remove comment about non-/ selectors. We are using them now.Christoph Lohmann1+0-17
2023-07-22 13:28Fix traversal handling, add selector and traversal to CGI environment.Christoph Lohmann6+102-108
2023-07-20 04:30First rework of path handling.Christoph Lohmann6+277-182
2023-05-26 04:45First implementation of two-way TLS for scripts.Christoph Lohmann1+45-13
2023-05-26 04:28Use sockets instead of pipes to allow bidirectional communication.Christoph Lohmann2+15-15
2023-05-25 00:29Add snowman science document.Christoph Lohmann1+28-0
2023-05-19 10:29Add code snippet for requiring gph modeRoygbyte1+8-1
2023-05-13 22:12Add gophers to CGI environment in case tls is used.Christoph Lohmann1+5-1
2023-04-07 10:16CGI: for PATH_INFO use the path relative to the base directoryHiltjo Posthuma1+2-6
2023-03-31 18:35Move make_base_path to ind.cChristoph Lohmann3+15-13
2023-03-08 19:57tiny code-style fixesHiltjo Posthuma3+4-5
2023-03-08 19:56handlegph: fix memory leak if writing a line failedHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2023-03-08 19:55handledir: fix memory leak if writing a directory entry failedHiltjo Posthuma1+3-4
2023-03-08 19:54fix a regression from 980a398da8acca65a13936ff0792c39f3dcb0edeHiltjo Posthuma1+17-5
2023-03-31 18:22xsplice: return -1 on errorHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2023-03-19 17:52handledcgi: close file descriptor if opening a stream for fdopen failsHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2023-02-26 19:54Remove spurious empty line characters.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-02-25 14:39Add TODO file for bob.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2023-02-25 14:38Fix eval-bob to actually work with sh.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2023-02-25 14:36Fix index.dbob and index.bob example files.Christoph Lohmann2+1-1
2023-02-24 17:52Add BOB support to geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann6+96-1
2023-02-18 11:31rest.dcgi example: remove trailing whitespaceHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2023-02-18 11:29remove extra slash from request path if it is in a chrootHiltjo Posthuma1+4-1
2023-02-11 17:33Fix telemetry. Thanks Bob!Christoph Lohmann1+1-4
2023-02-11 17:07Add installation telemetry support to geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann1+6-0
2022-12-03 14:18fix realpath when base is a symlinkKatolaZ1+6-3
2022-11-19 19:51Bump up to v0.69.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-11-19 19:49Change to v0.54 in Makefile.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-11-19 19:45Fixing TLS in HAProxy.Christoph Lohmann1+7-16
2022-11-14 00:17Prepare v0.53 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-11-14 00:09Add haproxy cfg example file.Christoph Lohmann1+28-0
2022-11-14 00:06Fix haproxy support.Christoph Lohmann1+22-4
2022-11-11 09:45geomyidae.8: improve man page formatting and some lintHiltjo Posthuma1+36-38
2022-11-11 08:05Add HAProxy support.Christoph Lohmann2+68-3
2022-11-11 06:46Add some computer love.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2022-11-11 06:39Add vhosting example script.Christoph Lohmann1+23-0
2022-11-10 22:19Make v0.52 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-10-26 17:03Add SERVER_LISTEN_NAME feature.Christoph Lohmann6+47-24
2022-10-09 20:11Make mtime access in dir listing compatible to other platforms but linux.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-08-06 20:18Bump up to v0.51.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-08-04 17:26gph-mode 1.1, now with tab highlighting.Troels Henriksen1+15-4
2022-08-03 16:24Add gph major-mode file for emacs.Christoph Lohmann2+67-0
2022-08-01 11:45Do not exit in splice when pipe is unsuccessfull.Christoph Lohmann1+2-4
2022-08-01 11:44Code cleanup in xsplice().Christoph Lohmann1+3-2
2022-07-30 11:02Add splice speedup for geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann1+49-0
2022-07-28 21:29Remove a whitespace for test.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-07-26 22:17Allow empty info lines again.Christoph Lohmann1+0-3
2022-07-26 21:39Implement new escaping in geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann3+21-32
2022-07-20 16:38Add FreeBSD.rc.d. Thanks Mellowlink!Christoph Lohmann1+61-0
2022-07-20 16:36Add reminders for new escape handling for brcon2022.Christoph Lohmann2+4-0
2022-07-20 16:35Add NetBSD compile options. Thanks Mellowlink!Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2022-04-25 07:24OpenBSD.rc.d: change shebang for 7.1 releaseAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2022-04-08 17:37Release 0.50.1 fix.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-04-08 17:06Fix chroot with new REST behaviour.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-04-08 16:19remove unused variableHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-04-08 15:27Mark v0.50 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-04-03 21:59Add number support to umnlisting.dcgi.Christoph Lohmann1+45-7
2022-04-03 10:22Add UMN .Links etc. directory parsing example.Christoph Lohmann2+182-21
2022-04-03 07:55Optimize new path fallthrough feature to only serve dynamic content.Christoph Lohmann1+27-2
2022-04-03 07:49Add special sticky bit case for the base dir.Christoph Lohmann2+17-1
2022-04-03 07:41Add first umn-conforming dirlisting implementation.Christoph Lohmann2+34-13
2022-04-02 21:41Add .abstract support to maplisting.dcgi example file.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2022-04-02 21:39Shorten README for geomyidae.8 reference.Christoph Lohmann1+1-40
2022-04-02 21:38Remove not working links from LINKS file.Christoph Lohmann1+0-8
2022-04-02 21:27Fix log message for encryption only.Christoph Lohmann1+4-2
2022-04-02 21:25Add encryption only mode to geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann2+15-1
2022-04-02 21:05Update manpage to current distribution way.Christoph Lohmann1+5-4
2022-04-02 20:58Move all geomyidae installation scripts to bin instead of sbin.Christoph Lohmann3+5-5
2022-04-02 20:57Move geomyidae to /usr/local/bin instead of sbin.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-04-02 20:55Move geomyidae on OpenBSD to /usr/local/bin.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2022-04-02 20:54Add dirlisting example with map.gph support, like gophernicus.Christoph Lohmann1+10-0
2022-04-02 20:51Add proxy example script.Christoph Lohmann1+14-0
2022-04-02 20:47Add new REST calling convention.Christoph Lohmann4+125-23
2022-04-02 18:09Small style fix.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2022-03-28 16:35Add geomyidae.service systemd file to rc.d directory.Christoph Lohmann1+14-0
2022-02-03 12:18Add Katolaz's gmap2gph to converters.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2021-10-23 14:52Move filetype struct array declaration to separate filetypes.h.Christoph Lohmann2+43-25
2021-10-23 14:42Add vtt as text.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2021-08-12 19:35Update order-directories-by-date.patch after hackathon.Christoph Lohmann1+60-44
2021-08-07 06:22Add dirlisting dcgi example.Christoph Lohmann1+7-0
2021-08-06 20:48Add patch to allow directory sort by date.Christoph Lohmann1+69-0
2021-04-05 20:05Readd arguments after realpath after latest printelem() changes.Christoph Lohmann1+13-2
2021-04-04 18:57Fix relative printelem with ? in name.Christoph Lohmann2+34-14
2021-03-18 17:57Set priority on every invokation. Shorten the check for openlog.Christoph Lohmann1+5-6
2021-03-17 21:30Add better description to gopher request filter script.Christoph Lohmann1+9-0
2021-03-17 21:28Fix \r handling in gopher request filter.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2021-03-17 21:18Add xinetd gopher request filter example daemon.Christoph Lohmann2+41-0
2021-03-17 21:06Add syslog facility.Christoph Lohmann2+39-16
2021-02-01 19:28Order parameters by alphabet.Christoph Lohmann1+18-18
2021-01-31 11:27Revert to handlebin only. Document the dot cr lf case.Christoph Lohmann2+19-18
2021-01-30 18:38Terminate data exchange with ".\r\n" for all non-binary typesQuentin Rameau4+22-11
2021-01-30 17:28Add the story of xsendfile to the source.Christoph Lohmann1+20-1
2020-11-15 12:58dotls is requires for the last patch.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2020-11-15 12:56If we are not serving TLS, shutdown the connection if someone tries TLS.Christoph Lohmann1+2-3
2020-09-30 19:48Modify the Dockerfile for TLS support.Christoph Lohmann1+5-8
2020-09-26 17:24Remove errorneous extra set of parentheses.Spenser Truex1+1-1
2020-09-25 13:00Add Dockerfile.Christoph Lohmann1+17-0
2020-09-25 12:45Use sbin in rc.geomyidae and kill all PIDs.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2020-09-25 12:43Change Archlinux example rc.d script to sbin.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2020-09-25 12:31Add hint for libtls provider in Makefile.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2020-09-25 12:31Add hint about TLS library.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2020-07-22 13:29Add comment about lingerie after close.Christoph Lohmann1+6-0
2020-07-22 12:41Set SO_LINGER, flush using TCP_NODELAY and fix wait overflow.Christoph Lohmann2+18-2
2020-06-16 10:40Update CGI to markdown and update to current state.Christoph Lohmann2+108-103
2020-06-16 10:20Add backwards-compatibility CGI environment variables to the manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+3-0
2020-06-12 21:51Add legacy backwards compatibility for CGI scripts.Christoph Lohmann1+7-0
2020-06-12 21:50Small descriptive change in LINKS.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2020-06-12 19:07Add size and date/time to dir listing.Christoph Lohmann4+45-3
2020-06-12 18:27Add one ENABLE_TLS comment, which was missing.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2020-06-12 18:17Set GOPHERS and HTTPS in CGI, if TLS is used.Christoph Lohmann6+35-19
2020-06-07 20:41Remove no longer used variableLeonardo Taccari1+2-4
2020-06-07 20:39Add some help for TLS clients, in case we only serve plaintext.Christoph Lohmann1+17-1
2020-06-07 20:30Add hint to manpage that TLS could be not compiled in.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2020-06-07 20:29Add -DENABLE_TLS feature for people not wanting TLS.Christoph Lohmann2+38-7
2020-06-07 19:43Use write instead of send everywhere.Christoph Lohmann2+2-2
2020-06-07 19:39Fix xsendfile properly.Christoph Lohmann1+10-14
2020-06-07 19:36Remove sendfile. It does not work for TLS.Christoph Lohmann1+0-48
2020-06-07 19:22use tls_error for tls_read errorsHiltjo Posthuma1+5-4
2020-06-07 19:19read: fix check for EINTRHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-06-07 18:37Clarify -t a bit, that this will activate TLS mode.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2020-06-07 18:12geomyidae: document initial TLS supportHiltjo Posthuma1+8-0
2020-06-07 18:33Log to stderr for tls_write.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2020-06-07 17:10Remove CFLAGS hard set.Christoph Lohmann1+0-1
2020-06-07 17:02Add script to generate a self-signed certificate and key for testing.Christoph Lohmann1+14-0
2020-06-07 16:49Add tls support to geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann3+149-32
2020-06-07 11:10Unify the style of variable initialisation.Christoph Lohmann2+10-25
2020-06-07 10:55Simplify Makefile output to be easier debuggable.Christoph Lohmann1+19-33
2020-05-19 11:26Properly handle .meme filetype.parazyd1+1-0
2020-05-19 11:25Fix filetype struct indentation in ind.c.parazyd1+14-14
2020-04-26 11:12Stripping down the solution to be even more simpler.Christoph Lohmann1+4-6
2020-04-26 10:34Do not output .., if base is empty.Christoph Lohmann1+4-3
2020-04-26 10:31Do not shorten path, if base is empty.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2020-04-26 10:23Add comment about special cases in request handling.Christoph Lohmann1+12-0
2020-04-01 18:52rc.d: simplify some rc scriptsQuentin Rameau2+2-2
2020-04-01 18:51Makefile: install to $PREFIX/sbinQuentin Rameau3+3-3
2020-02-25 19:53Add minor changes to the manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+20-20
2020-02-12 15:05Make it more clear in the manpage, what informational text is.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2020-02-12 15:01Correct formatting of example gph output in manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2020-01-10 20:07fix loglvl mask and align using spaces consistentlyHiltjo Posthuma2+4-4
2019-11-22 12:54Fix recv and gopher+ redirects. Add gopher+ loglevel.Christoph Lohmann2+26-11
2019-07-18 19:35Bump up my year in contributions.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2019-07-18 19:35Add geomyidae logo as svg version.Christoph Lohmann2+271-0
2019-07-14 12:56Rework OpenRC initscripts so they are symlinkable.parazyd2+7-16
2019-03-13 21:42gophermap2gph is now at Lohmann1+1-1
2018-12-24 11:31Add searx dcgi interface to links.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2018-11-19 02:04Let happy helping snowman help you in case no menu item is given.Christoph Lohmann2+18-0
2018-11-18 12:09improve realpath lookup for relative pathsHiltjo Posthuma1+9-8
2018-11-15 20:27Show new interface behaviour in manpage and help message.Christoph Lohmann2+5-4
2018-11-15 20:13Preparing v0.34 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-11-12 21:42Annoy_Leot found this. I had to change it. It is HOST_NAME_MAX.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-11-12 21:34Do not use HOST_NAME_MAX, NetBSD does not have it.Christoph Lohmann1+3-3
2018-11-12 21:11Ross_Bob found this last printf.Christoph Lohmann1+0-1
2018-11-12 20:50Remove last debugging messages.Christoph Lohmann1+0-10
2018-11-11 14:07if no interface is specified with -i listen on all, unless -4 or -6 is specifiedHiltjo Posthuma1+8-4
2018-11-11 13:00simplify listfds handlingHiltjo Posthuma1+18-28
2018-11-11 12:05Free bindips after use.Christoph Lohmann1+3-0
2018-11-11 12:02First version of multi listen.Christoph Lohmann1+156-56
2018-11-11 10:30Remove double usage of listfd.Christoph Lohmann1+10-10
2018-11-11 10:24Makefile: bump version to 0.33Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-11-11 10:09Allow dualstack binding again.Christoph Lohmann1+1-11
2018-11-11 10:00Fix for using AF_INET by default. Otherwise AF_INET6 is used.Christoph Lohmann1+3-3
2018-10-30 19:48Use POSIX HOST_NAME_MAX, which is cleaner.Christoph Lohmann1+3-2
2018-10-30 19:46Have useful errors on group and user errors.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2018-10-28 16:26Fix errno handling.Christoph Lohmann1+21-4
2018-09-13 18:43no need to check pointer before freeHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2018-09-13 18:42strip / at the end of the base pathHiltjo Posthuma1+6-2
2018-09-04 13:49Close Bd. Ed. blocks in man pagelambda1+3-2
2018-09-03 19:57Save finding a realpath on various item types with different semantics.Christoph Lohmann1+14-1
2018-09-01 12:20Fix regression, if sport is never set.Christoph Lohmann1+3-0
2018-08-30 20:10Fix manpage with now allowed relative paths.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-08-30 20:07Actually, use xstrdup where we can not use strcpyQuentin Rameau1+1-6
2018-08-30 19:59Merge branch 'master' into HEADChristoph Lohmann0+0-0
2018-08-30 19:18Forbid inet connections to inet6 socket when ipv6 is requestedQuentin Rameau1+13-2
2018-08-30 19:17Simplify socket bindingQuentin Rameau1+11-21
2018-08-30 19:15Use strcpy where we control the buffer sizeQuentin Rameau1+2-2
2018-08-30 19:15Use strcpy where we control the buffer sizeQuentin Rameau1+2-2
2018-08-30 19:35In case the listen port is set, set show port too, if this is unset.Christoph Lohmann1+3-1
2018-08-30 19:32Changing the fallback error to something meaningful.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2018-08-30 19:27Add preliminary relative path support for gph files.Christoph Lohmann3+26-7
2018-08-30 17:07Add true getaddrinfo errors, but add inconsistency.Christoph Lohmann1+9-3
2018-08-29 18:31fix uninitialized buffer for getnameinfo on failureHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2018-08-29 18:22fix pedantic usage address_len parameter in accept(2)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2018-08-29 18:18getlistenfd: on setsockopt failure it could return an invalid/closed fdHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2018-08-29 18:17getlistenfd: fix minor memleakHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-08-29 18:16getlistenfd: reorder + minor cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+2-5
2018-08-29 18:03don't exit on SIGHUPHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2018-08-23 12:00Sendfile in Linux and FreeBSD are different.Christoph Lohmann1+4-6
2018-08-23 11:42Do more sendfile, in case sendfile did not send everything.Christoph Lohmann1+10-3
2018-08-20 16:16change selinval error message to reflect what it checkedHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2018-08-13 13:09Add a commit about how to handle environment variables.Christoph Lohmann1+4-1
2018-08-10 13:31Add the gopher cgi collection of leot.Christoph Lohmann2+4-0
2018-06-29 19:21v0.32.2 fix release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-06-28 11:07Makefile: install to /usr/local instead of /usrQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2018-06-27 08:34Pledge dns for the fork too in case of hostname lookupQuentin Rameau1+6-4
2018-06-27 09:08We don't need to pledge tty anymore since 65f998fQuentin Rameau1+3-4
2018-06-24 09:52Marking v0.32.1 fixes release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-06-23 09:32fix promises buffer size and small cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+12-8
2018-06-22 21:49fix typo in rc.geomyidae slackware init scriptslackhead1+1-1
2018-06-22 20:14Prepare a new release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-06-22 20:13Removing trailing whitespace.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2018-06-22 20:10Add pledge support for OpenBSD, with help from Quentin RameauSolene Rapenne2+18-1
2018-06-22 16:08This part of the API has changed. No third-party plugin is affected.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-06-22 15:14The West-NULL-Fever is spreading in geomyidae. :OChristoph Lohmann5+60-61
2018-06-22 15:10Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Lohmann1+2-0
2018-06-22 15:09Add nocgi flag support.Christoph Lohmann3+33-8
2018-04-03 16:10Add example in the manpage for tt escaping.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2018-03-22 12:08Return an error message for selectors containing two dotsChristian Kellermann1+7-1
2018-03-15 17:27style: fix parenthesis for sizeofHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-03-08 15:03Log UTC time instead of localized timeQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2018-02-22 19:15Justify some more text in the man page.Christoph Lohmann1+5-0
2018-02-22 19:09GET is a string value.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-02-22 19:07Fix gopherproject URI.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-02-18 15:25Add sfeed as a geomyidae application.Christoph Lohmann1+3-1
2018-02-18 10:55Fix release for pendingbytes.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-02-18 10:23Simplify the timeout logic. Make comments more clear.Christoph Lohmann1+15-12
2018-02-18 08:36No rval debug printf needed.Christoph Lohmann1+1-3
2018-02-18 08:33Another hack for SO_LINGER in Linux.Christoph Lohmann1+36-4
2018-02-09 13:54Bump version to 0.31.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-02-07 20:02use TIOCOUTQ instead of SIOCOUTQHiltjo Posthuma2+3-5
2018-02-07 19:48fix minor fd leak regression in handlebinHiltjo Posthuma2+1-1
2018-02-07 19:40check Linux for Linux specific header and non-standard SIOCOUTQHiltjo Posthuma2+2-1
2018-02-07 19:37Revert count > 0 to count == 0.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-02-07 19:17Advance send buffer in xsendfile for conservative method.Christoph Lohmann1+4-2
2018-02-07 18:59Merge branch 'master' of /srv/git/geomyidaeChristoph Lohmann5+39-45
2018-02-07 18:57Reworking the socket closing handling.Christoph Lohmann4+48-14
2018-02-04 13:00fix minor typosHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2018-02-04 12:59simplify loggingHiltjo Posthuma3+10-23
2018-01-31 14:29Add some new files to the FILES section.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-01-31 14:28Update the manpage to the new log format.Christoph Lohmann1+20-20
2018-01-31 14:18Document gopher+ redirect quirk.Christoph Lohmann1+7-0
2018-01-30 21:44Gopher+ in all ways + comment on why it is done.Christoph Lohmann1+9-2
2018-01-30 21:21Adding gopher+ compatibility.Christoph Lohmann1+14-3
2018-01-27 14:51PHP expects some value to run php-cgi.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2018-01-26 23:12Add gph syntax highlighting for vim.Christoph Lohmann3+102-0
2018-01-26 22:01New 0.30 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2018-01-26 13:20Add new CGI environment to manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+17-0
2018-01-26 13:08Fix the CGI PATH variables.Christoph Lohmann1+2-7
2018-01-26 12:54In case of IPv4 to IPv6 translation, give back IPv4.Christoph Lohmann1+3-0
2018-01-26 12:44Implement some CGI variables for gopher.Christoph Lohmann5+78-15
2018-01-23 19:02Only free ahost if the reverse lookup was performedLucas Gabriel Vuotto1+2-1
2018-01-23 18:43Add flag to not perform reverse lookupsLucas Gabriel Vuotto2+12-4
2018-01-22 18:10Print the actual BINDIR instead of PREFIX/binLucas Gabriel Vuotto1+2-2
2017-12-18 19:06Change the time and log format to be easier parsable.Christoph Lohmann1+3-4
2017-12-18 18:35Use a consistent separator for the port in the log fileSolene Rapenne1+1-1
2017-11-26 16:51Unifying style.Christoph Lohmann3+116-112
2017-11-25 18:00Update Slackware startup script: rc.geomyidaeSlackhead1+7-9
2017-11-14 18:32Makefile: don't force strip binaries on installHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2017-11-14 18:13POSIXify the MakefileQuentin Rameau1+25-24
2017-11-14 17:58Slackware rc file patchDavid Woodfall1+31-0
2017-10-30 17:42fix fork() regression introduced in 60e5e4b10104014295dd9c9867900f4c72a8cffeHiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2017-10-18 16:08Fixing the gentoo init.d script.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2017-10-11 13:25Add LINKS file for additional geomyidae resources.Christoph Lohmann1+15-0
2017-10-11 13:03Be a bit more helpful in the CGI description.Christoph Lohmann1+7-1
2017-10-10 18:39Happy helping ☃ is here to help you with spurious tabs.Christoph Lohmann2+16-0
2017-10-10 18:10Add description of new parser and escaping rule for gph links.Christoph Lohmann1+21-12
2017-10-10 18:00Add pipe escaping to descriptions of items.Christoph Lohmann2+10-2
2017-09-29 11:45Version bump for release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2017-09-29 11:40Fix index.bin support.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2017-09-24 16:38Correct the comment. General elections are blinding me.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2017-09-24 16:35Add comments for the new xsendfile.Christoph Lohmann1+10-0
2017-09-24 10:58LICENSE: update and add hiltjoHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2017-09-23 14:08optimize binary file transfers: use sendfile(2) syscall if supportedHiltjo Posthuma3+72-11
2017-09-23 11:05don't keep writing on a send failure (for example EPIPE)Hiltjo Posthuma3+22-21
2017-09-23 11:05show error/warning on fork failureHiltjo Posthuma2+11-2
2017-08-29 12:54Add some index.bin file to send raw gopher maps mirrored from some other site.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2017-08-09 18:08arg.h does not change argv anymore, so the pexp workaround is not neededHiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2017-08-09 18:06don't modify argv, use a counterHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2017-08-07 06:55Change version number for new release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2017-08-07 06:54Bump the year.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2017-07-10 18:23use strcmp (without length) for NUL terminated stringsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2017-07-10 18:22remove some trailing spaces and empty lines, simplify initlogging()Hiltjo Posthuma6+10-18
2017-07-10 16:22Makefile: fix make clean and remove some trailing spacesHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2017-07-09 17:07Add missing -c flag in usageQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2017-07-09 17:59Use an absolute base path for execl.Quentin Rameau2+3-1
2017-07-09 18:09fix off-by-one in handlerequest() for index files and check truncationHiltjo Posthuma1+7-1
2017-07-09 17:15CGI: small typo fixesHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2017-06-30 20:03improve OpenBSD rc.d fileHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2017-07-01 11:01Fix documentation about TCP log level in READMEQuentin Rameau1+1-0
2017-06-30 13:12remove securepath, simply reject relative paths: .., check / prefixHiltjo Posthuma1+3-24
2017-06-30 13:12add flag -c: chroot(2) supportHiltjo Posthuma2+24-1
2017-02-16 19:02default more file extensions to type 0Pete Deas1+4-0
2017-06-25 19:36handledcgi: fclose allocated fdopen() FILE *Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2017-06-25 18:56handledcgi: show error message if execl failsHiltjo Posthuma1+4-1
2017-06-25 18:55handlecgi: show function which failedHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2017-06-25 18:54typo: "and TCP protocol" to "a TCP port"Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2017-06-25 18:53improve dcgi supportHiltjo Posthuma3+17-24
2017-06-16 16:21remove some redundant checksHiltjo Posthuma2+3-6
2017-06-16 16:07Improve tcp connexion loggingQuentin Rameau1+19-2
2017-06-15 17:34Fix default log level in the manpageQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2017-06-15 17:21Add tcp connection loggingQuentin Rameau2+11-6
2017-06-14 20:54Save geomyidae from invalid gph files.Christoph Lohmann1+30-28
2017-06-14 16:20add -4 and -6 IPV4 and IPV6 options to usage aswellHiltjo Posthuma1+3-4
2017-06-03 17:37Fix OpenBSD rc.d: geomyidae doesn't support reloadQuentin Rameau1+2-0
2017-06-11 18:00scanfile(): reuse line-bufferHiltjo Posthuma1+12-8
2017-06-11 17:51use calloc instead of gmalloczHiltjo Posthuma3+19-19
2017-06-11 17:49arg.h: fixed argv checks orderHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2017-06-11 17:27tprintf is now dprintf, which is in libc.Christoph Lohmann4+9-22
2017-06-11 17:24Use vdprintf() instead of the dup dup.Christoph Lohmann1+1-12
2017-06-10 13:49improvements:Hiltjo Posthuma6+62-38
2017-01-04 21:09Add better error description in case a file could not be opened.Christoph Lohmann1+5-0
2017-01-04 20:54Fixing some dir handling. A path does not need to end in '/'.Christoph Lohmann1+33-34
2016-12-11 10:59Add all dependency for install in the makefile.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2016-11-26 22:00Add index.dcgi and index.cgi support to the manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2016-11-26 21:54Adding support for index.cgi and index.dcgi.Christoph Lohmann1+20-5
2016-11-25 15:05Update the gentoo init scripts to openrc-run and fix them.Christoph Lohmann2+4-4
2016-11-24 21:30Don't write to stdin.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2016-11-24 21:27Clarify the »arguments« argument to [d]cgi scripts.Christoph Lohmann1+6-5
2016-11-24 21:18If run in foreground, imply standard output as log destination.Christoph Lohmann2+4-1
2015-10-24 17:15In the case the dir of the CGI is not accessible, don't run it.Christoph Lohmann1+10-4
2015-10-24 16:58Makefile: fix gmakeism(?)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-10-24 16:57handlr: args is not used, suppress warningHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2015-10-24 16:57geomyidae.8: remove unneeded paragraph macroHiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2015-09-18 17:08Force the sending of bytes.Christoph Lohmann1+9-3
2015-06-22 20:47Apply a manpage change from OpenBSD.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2015-06-21 08:08Add OpenBSD rc.d file.Christoph Lohmann1+10-0
2014-08-16 14:26Oops, correcting the last change.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2014-08-16 14:25Changing the default man path.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-04-13 19:28Removing the debugging.Christoph Lohmann1+0-3
2013-04-13 19:26Pushing up to 0.26.3.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-04-13 19:25Adding the IPv6 to the manpage.Christoph Lohmann2+15-3
2013-04-13 19:04Adding IPv6 support.Christoph Lohmann1+65-29
2013-03-23 23:02Pushing Geomyidae 0.26.2.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-02-26 17:49Adding a new mandoc manpage and NetBSD rc.d.Christoph Lohmann2+31-119
2012-07-22 05:30Updating the manpage in BUGS and the default type.Christoph Lohmann1+5-5
2012-07-21 19:23Releasing v0.26.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-07-21 18:58Fixing the socket handling and add signals to clients.Christoph Lohmann2+8-5
2012-05-17 18:10Default should be binary.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-05-12 07:12A more liberal input string handling.Christoph Lohmann1+9-6
2012-04-29 06:24Optimizing the rc.d.Christoph Lohmann1+28-27
2012-02-22 19:58Ignoring SIGPIPE. Thanks Sam Trenholme.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2011-12-12 20:17Respecting a set CC. Thanks to an anonymous dev.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-11-27 09:20bzero is deprecated. Now using memset.Christoph Lohmann1+4-4
2011-11-27 09:13Standardizing on non-standards.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-11-13 20:55Making the textfiles RFC conformant.Christoph Lohmann2+4-4
2011-07-02 11:00Justifying the manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+560-477
2011-06-12 15:36Adding parameter grouping.Christoph Lohmann1+23-6
2011-04-30 10:14Fixing some packaging problems.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-04-24 13:33Fixing spurious whitespaces.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2011-04-24 13:14To self: reuseaddr before bind.Christoph Lohmann1+6-1
2011-04-06 09:52Clarifying some defaults in the manpage.Christoph Lohmann1+6-3
2011-04-06 09:43Fixing a typo in the markup syntax.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-27 21:00Minor log level change in the NetBSD rc.d.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-27 20:26New release. Now a major minor one.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-27 20:25Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Lohmann5+64-58
2011-03-27 20:24Thanks to Jeff W for the new manpage!Christoph Lohmann1+474-407
2011-03-21 16:49Making CGI more obvious to use.Christoph Lohmann5+51-58
2011-03-16 05:37Now scripts are run in their directory.Christoph Lohmann1+14-1
2011-03-16 05:26Trying to fix the base path.Christoph Lohmann1+15-2
2011-03-16 04:56Small correction.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2011-03-16 04:11Clarifying some CGI stuff.Christoph Lohmann1+23-7
2011-03-12 20:00Adding CGI documentation.Christoph Lohmann2+74-1
2011-03-12 19:19Adding dynamic CGI support.Christoph Lohmann4+95-22
2011-03-11 22:53Removing unneeded string.Christoph Lohmann1+1-3
2011-03-08 13:09Vanishing the last SO_REUSEADDR traces.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-08 13:08Adding proper socket handling. We don't need REUSE.Christoph Lohmann2+6-9
2011-03-08 13:08Adding nicer error messages.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2011-03-07 21:15Now the make system looks a bit nicer.Christoph Lohmann1+43-32
2011-03-07 21:01Running scripts should now exit as expected.Christoph Lohmann2+13-1
2011-03-07 15:58Merge branch 'master' of /home/chrissi/scm/../git/geomyidaeChristoph Lohmann1+2-2
2011-03-07 15:57Telnet needs a third argument. Thanks to Jeff.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-06 09:55Fixing typos in the man page. Thanks to Jeff.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2011-03-06 09:48Fixing various major bugs.Christoph Lohmann4+84-87
2011-03-03 08:36It was only a minor fix. 0.17 still.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-03 08:10Changing to v0.18.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-03-02 15:10Eroding GCC4 and OpenBSD ideology warnings.Christoph Lohmann3+10-7
2011-03-02 14:43Adding *BSD compatibility.Christoph Lohmann1+3-1
2011-03-01 05:54Refurbishing the getaddrinfo stuff and signals.Christoph Lohmann1+18-14
2011-02-28 19:52Enabling true multiple client request handling.Christoph Lohmann1+0-2
2011-02-28 18:50Fixing permissions in the repository.Christoph Lohmann13+0-0
2011-02-27 23:46A more robust accept() handling.Christoph Lohmann1+10-3
2011-02-27 14:18That return value should only be positive.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2011-02-27 14:16Fixing the rc.d example script.Christoph Lohmann2+1-2
2011-02-27 11:56Extending the copyright of James Penketh.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-02-27 11:55Forgot the check for reverselookup.Christoph Lohmann2+2-2
2011-02-27 11:32Adding reverse lookup to log entries. Thanks to James Penketh <>!Christoph Lohmann3+32-7
2011-02-27 09:56Cleaning up signal handling.Christoph Lohmann1+32-10
2011-02-27 09:48Forgot some whitespaces.Christoph Lohmann1+5-5
2011-02-27 09:39Removing spurious whitespaces.Christoph Lohmann5+35-35
2011-02-26 17:15Fixing a spurious pid file creation.Christoph Lohmann1+0-2
2011-02-22 08:41Updating the LICENSE for 2011 and first test commit for remote working.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2010-11-19 08:20Initial commit at 0.16 of geomyidae.Christoph Lohmann17+1615-0